your voice determines your reality
(the creator speaks the world into being)

all action we take can be expressed in terms of the sounds we make
the vibration we sustain


NAVEL, the source
locate the seat of power in the solar plexus
feel the engine of the diaphragm, pump it in and out like a bellows
keep the breath deep, grounded in the belly, and continuous, no pauses between in and out


BREATH - remember!
cultivate a practice of conscious breathing - do your best to always stay aware of the sensation
throughout the day, whenever you remember, stop and take several slow deep breaths
feel how it reaches every inch of your body, the breath itself and the vibration of any sounds carried on it


PRESENCE, the rhythm
how your body inhabits space :: how your voice inhabits time
find your pocket, the flow, your relationship with the environment
accept the movement of whatever's happening at every given moment and you will sing in harmony with everything


stay conscious of the palate, where the tip of the tongue touches the roof of the mouth
this shapes your words, your song
you must be as precise as you are powerful


PROJECTION, moment to moment
what is your reach?
what is the intention of your words, of your presence, of your life?
you must be clear and unwavering in every sound you make and every action you take
while simultaneously flexible, adaptable to every ebb the flow presents
to have at once a fully realized plan and the capacity to improvise when the plan inevitably requires it